Fresh Vegetables

Asian Greens Mix, 1/3#Bag

A mix of bok choi, tatsoi, yokata na. Mixes vary throughout the season.

Braising Mix 1/3#Bag

Mix of chard, tatsoi, bok choi, kale. Mixes vary throughout the season.

Braising Mix, Spicy 1/3# Bag

Mix of kale, chard, tatsoi, bok choi, and mustard greens

Cilantro, Small Bag

Mostly leaves with little stem. Approximately the same amount of leaf if bought by the bunch.

Dill (Bunch)


Greens Mix, 1/3# bag

spinach, Kale, chard

Greens, Salad Spring Mix(1/3#Bag)

A salad mix of lettuce mix, spinach, beet greens. Mixes vary throughout the season.

Lettuce, Sala Nova, mini heads(Pound)

Mix of red and green mini heads of lettuce. An alternative to lettuce mix.

Mustard Greens Mix (1/3#bag)

Mild mustard mix with bright purple and green leaves

Spicy Lettuce Mix(1/3#bag)

Lettuce mix with Arugula and or mustard

Spinach, 1# bags for cooking

Bulk spinach great for blanching and freezing